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About Madhu Bhat

Madhu is a high impact passionate leader in Cybersecurity, helping large organizations solve their complex Identity Access Management (IAM) problems. He is an award-winning project delivery leader. He has been spearheading large-scale Cybersecurity delivery initiatives, managing senior stakeholders and multicultural teams located across the globe.

Madhu is passionate about spreading Cybersecurity awareness and is associated with several Cybersecurity professional organizations such as Cloud Security Alliance, Bangalore Chapter, committed to building a secure Cloud environment and spreading Cybersecurity knowledge to the community via various channels. He is also involved in multi-Cloud security research.

Previously, Madhu set up end-to-end Identity Access Management IAM) onboarding capability covering tooling, the processes and operationalization for a large global financial institution. Also, spearheaded strategic Cyber Risk reduction transformational initiative bringing in critical IT applications and legacy platforms (Windows and Unix estate) across a large global organization into central Access Management lifecycle.

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