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ChatGPT - is it Good, Bad or Ugly?

There are a lot of discussions about ChatGPT. As per REUTERS, ChatGPT has already reached 100 million monthly active users as of January’23. This is remarkable adoption within just 2 months after this is launched for public usage. There are conflicting views about ChatGPT all over the world. An article from one of the famous newspaper dailies compared AI chatbots to threats bigger than nuclear bombs and opined that they can be disastrous to the human race unless regulated. On the other hand, another article described ChatGPT as an incredible Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool.

What is ChatGPT?

When you ask this question to ChatGPT, the answer we receive is “ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence research organization. It is based on the GPT-3.5 architecture, an improved version of the highly successful GPT-3 model”

Any technology in itself is not good or bad.

It is the usage that makes that distinction. Recently, a person was arrested in China for allegedly spreading fake news using ChatGPT. The suspect seems to have generated a fake report of a train crash with the intention of making an illicit profit. This is where people start questioning the Goods of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the real sense, there is no intelligence that is artificially created, rather it is the data fed into the tool and all great algorithms, which make use of the data to produce fancy results. Real intelligence is within the algorithms, but it is limited to the extent of imagination at the time of algorithm creation. Intelligence is by virtue of training the machines by feeding huge amounts of data, scenarios and decision trees into computer systems. Computers are not intelligent by design but are a trillion times faster may be more than human beings in doing well-defined repetitive tasks. Thus, the behaviours of Artificial Intelligence(AI) tools are determined by a combination of algorithms and data fed into the tool. The more you interact with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool, the more you train the tool! It is similar to teaching your toddlers (although not exactly!). If you teach them good habits they behave well. With algorithms being static for a point in time, it is data that largely drives the “intelligent” behaviour of an Artificial Intelligence(AI) tool.

Why so much of talk about ChatGPT?

While there have been so many Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in the market, why is it so much talk about ChatGPT? The answer lies in its interesting capabilities, such as contextual Artificial Intelligence (AI) responses. The responses are very well structured giving an impression to the end users that they are interacting with a human being. The huge amount of data behind so-called intelligence makes it almost an encyclopaedia. It is also the user experience that makes it super cool.


A number of organizations have already put ChatGPT to their benefit, some are evaluating and some others are watching. It really depends on the use case that determines how useful this tool is irrespective of how much people talk about this. No doubt that ChatGPT is a marvellous invention, which has taken Artificial Intelligence(AI)to its next stage. But lot more to come in this space!

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