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Cyber Talk: Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Integration

The technology market has a plethora of Identity and Access Management (IAM) products. The offerings are available both in on-premise as well as in IAM as a Service(IAMaaS) format. The pros of this are that organizations have a good number of choices. At the same time, the cons of this are that it makes the product selection bit confusing. Market research is a good starting point to have an initial shortlist. Before making the final IAM product choice, the organizations need to pay attention to the integration capabilities of the IAM product.

The reason why integration capability is a key IAM tooling consideration is that

  • Effective Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) needs centralized identity visibility across the organization

  • This is only possible when IT applications and platforms are able to integrate with the IAM platform

While there are manual data upload options available, they aren’t as effective as integration due to

  • Potential human errors leading to data contamination

  • Lack of scalability

IAM tooling due diligence needs to cover Integration capability of the potential IAM tool. An IAM product investment decision is too important and it has long term implications. Make key data points available to the senior decision-makers so that an informed decision can be made. Once the decision is made, setting up an enterprise-scale IAM is a major transformational effort impacting every business line. Seemingly very simple aspect around integration plays a very important role in a successful IAM transformation!

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