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Cyber Talk: Is your Organization Cybersecurity Tech ready?

The technology market has tons of Cybersecurity products from top-notch Cyber Security vendors. But, the question is whether your organization is security technology ready. If you try to implement new security technology capability when the organization is not ready then a whole new implementation ends up in technical debt. According to a global survey conducted by IBM, organizations that deploy over 50 Cybersecurity tools ranked themselves 8% lower in their ability to detect threats and 7% lower in their defensive capabilities, than other companies employing fewer toolsets.

Hence, it is not the number of tools that determine the extent of security within your organization. Any new addition of technology will have an impact on the existing technology and process landscape. Hence, the introduction of new technology products should be well thought of. While this applies to any new Information Technology (IT) setup, but especially when it comes to Cybersecurity, it is even more crucial.

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