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CyberTalk: Encrypting viruses

In simple terms, encrypting viruses are malicious software programs purposefully designed to encrypt files on a victim's system. Once the attackers encrypt the files, they ask for ransom for supplying the decryption key required for decrypting files for the victim to get the access back. In other words, encrypting viruses are nothing but ransomware.

For businesses, it poses a do-or-die scenario. Can these be prevented? The answer is yes:

1. Awareness and security education- This is the best weapon to ensure your employees don’t fall into a hacker’s social engineering trap.

2. Regular patching to ensure your operating system and software is up to date with the latest security patches

3. Have a well thought backup strategy

4. Zero Trust and Micro-segmentation

5. Have well-rehearsed Incident Response ahead of time

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