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Cybertalk: Time to worry about Internet of Things (IOT) devices?

Sometimes we think that we have advanced ourselves so much that

· We are able to start our car from our smartphones

· Control our air conditioners with our fingertips from our cell phones

· Metro trains can be controlled by computer systems

· Our dams can be operated via computers

· The list goes on….

What are Internet of Things (IoT): In layman’s terms, physical devices connected to the internet are the Internet of Things. These devices can share the data over the connected network. The data can be used for analytical purposes to make these devices smarter. With the advent of smartphones, we are able to control the IoT devices from our smartphones. Examples are smart refrigerators, televisions, microwave ovens, self-driving cars etc.

IoT devices are one of the biggest innovations of mankind making our life very simple and enjoyable. The affordability has made the reach to the wider populations across the globe. However, there are always anti-social elements, who make our life a little bit harder. I am sure that none of us like to be frisked at the airport for example, but no choice; it is the smaller price we have to pay for a luxury and fear-free flight experience as compared to hijackers putting our life at risk! Similarly, securing our organizations and ourselves from hackers needs a small price in terms of building protections around the fancy IoT devices. No one likes to remember the complex password or authentication via different channels, but that’s the only way to protect ourselves!

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