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Happy New year 2022!

Wish you a very Happy New Year!

Hope the New Year brings you lots of happiness, prosperity, and Cyber Safety! Being Cyber Safe is the most important of all the wishes because all prosperity and happiness can turn into a disaster in a fraction of a second should you get impacted by a Cyber-attack. It is an emotionally as well as financially devastating experience.

My new year resolution for 2022 is to start a Blog series on key Cybersecurity topics.

There are several reasons for starting this blog. Once a victim of a Cybercrime couple of years back and now a Cyber Crime warrior, enthusiast, and leader, I love sharing my experience and triggering healthy discussions around Cybersecurity, which is closest to my heart.

According to Identity Theft Resource Center, as of Q3’21 the number of publicly reported data breaches in 2021 had exceeded the 2020 numbers by 17 percent in the United States. With increasing digitization, I am sure identity theft across the world has been ever-increasing while data points might not have been tracked. One of the key reasons why people have been the victims of Cybercrimes is the lack of awareness. Hence, being a Cybersecurity professional, I feel spreading Cybersecurity knowledge is one of my social responsibilities.

In this journey to spread Cyber awareness, I have also been voluntarily associated with several professional organizations, such as CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), Bangalore, who are committed to building a secure Cloud environment as well as spreading Cybersecurity knowledge to the community via various channels.

As per (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, 2020, there is a gap of over 3 million Cybersecurity professionals. This resonates well with my experience as a hiring manager trying to hire Cybersecurity professionals. I had a tough time getting the right Cybersecurity talent for my team. Hence, the second motivation for starting this blog series is to help attract fresh talent into Cybersecurity.

A plethora of informational materials such as research papers and vendor-generated Cybersecurity content are available over the internet. However, my observation is that the available information is either too academic or vendor-generated. The vendor-neutral content ready to use for organizational cybersecurity purposes is hard to find. Hence, my third motivation is to build practical and vendor-neutral Cybersecurity content for public use.

With multiple intentions to contribute to society, I have held the pen today to start the blog series. My effort here is to bring key Cybersecurity topics to the fore, which can refine with open inputs and comments from the experts in this field. Looking forward to the cybersecurity intellectuals, enthusiasts, and even the ones not directly associated with this field (yet impacted every moment) joining me on this journey. Watch out for this space in the coming days!

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