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How prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is a serious crime wherein one assumes someone else’s identity to perform fraudulent activities, from syphoning money from the victim’s bank account to terrorism.

FTC (Federal Trade Commission) received over 2.1 million consumer fraud complaints last year. Interestingly, one of the studies came out with statistics that only 0.14% of the identity theft crimes result in prosecution as it is extremely hard to crack identity theft crimes.

With our whole of the personal details residing in the public domain such as Facebook, Instagram etc. it isn’t hard for the cybercriminals to assume the identity of someone else quite easily. Opening unsolicited emails, answering spam calls, weak passwords, incorrect privacy settings on social sites etc. are the means of exposing one to identity thefts.

The good news is that we can certainly prevent identity thefts and save ourselves from cyber-attacks. I have covered a few simple tactics to prevent Identity theft in this short video.

The video links are available on

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