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How to make a large scale Cybersecurity Transformation journey achievable?

Delivering a large-scale Cybersecurity transformation involves solving a complex unstructured problem. This blog neither covers nor advocates any specific project management practice. For a successful delivery, disciplined project management practice is a must-have; whether you follow waterfall or agile methodology.

Key considerations for successful Cybersecurity Transformation are:

- Fight the kick-off inertia

- Get an executive sponsor and board support

- Stakeholder Management

- Clear problem statement

- Break down the problem into manageable chunks

- Be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely)

- Don’t fall into the analysis-paralysis trap

- Set up Governance structure

- Communicate and keep the stakeholders updated

- Plan operationalization from day 1

Delivering large-scale Cybersecurity transformation into fully stable BAU Operations is generally a multi-year endeavour. The enterprise-scale delivery translates to a complex unstructured problem with multiple unknowns. As we traverse through the journey, the grey areas transform into known territories. With disciplined programme/project management, the Cybersecurity transformation is very much achievable.

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