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Multi Cloud Security

Happy to share my article along with Rob Aragao, on Multi Cloud Security:

Thanks to Cloud Security Alliance for publishing the article!

  • Why organizations are adopting multi cloud: As per the Cloud Security Alliance’s (CSA) recent research study, Cloud Security and Technology Maturity Survey: organizations are adopting multi cloud for several key reasons, such as to:

    • Leverage best in class features from various Cloud Service Providers (CSP) (29%)

    • Avoiding vendor lock-in (21%)

    • Reducing cloud concentration risk (16%)

  • Bridging Identities across multi cloud: Setting up an Identity and Access Management solution for on-premise assets itself is not an easy task; hybrid and multi-cloud IAM setups pose even greater challenges in this space. From a governance and access policy management point of view, having a single Identity Access Management platform is typically ideal. However, the challenge is to bring in the Identities of all cloud platforms into the overarching IAM platform.

  • Data governance in multi cloud: Managing data from multiple platforms becomes a daunting exercise in a multi-cloud environment. One aspect is regulatory compliance, while the other could be the sheer sensitivity of the information. In any case, stronger governance of data is a must. Organizations need to have a framework that classifies information aligned with the business needs and based on the sensitivity of the information.

Go through the article for the detailed coverage of these topics!

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