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My CCSK Success Story

Thanks to Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) for interviewing me and publishing my success story: CCSK Success Stories: From a Banking Project Delivery Leader

Thanks Ekta Mishra, Hing Yan Lee and CSA team for putting this together so nicely!

I have thoroughly enjoyed leading large Cybersecurity transformation deliveries with the current focus on Identity and Access Management (IAM). It is even more interesting that every problem we solve in this field poses a unique challenge and experience!

Thanks to Standard Chartered Bank (#greatplacetowork ) and exemplary leaders Gareth Russell, Jacinta Vines-Giesbers, Becky Walker, and Caroline P-G for excellent opportunities to solve some of the most interesting IAM problems!

Thanks to Satyavathi Divadari , Pooja Agrawalla and the CSA Bangalore for providing me with an opportunity to be part of cutting edge research in Cloud Security!

Overall, it has been a great Cybersecurity journey!

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