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Video Article on How to deliver successful Cybersecurity Transformation

Video article available here:

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“By 2025 Cyber attackers will have weaponized Operational Technology Environments to successfully harm or kill humans” – Gartner

Cat and mouse games between the hackers and the enterprises are getting scarier day by day. COVID-19 has pushed more and more organizations into digitization. Of course, digitization brings in huge benefits in terms of operational efficiency and better user experience, but it also opens up new challenges needing protection from Cyber attackers.

Hence, the key question is how to protect organizations from Cyber attackers in the era of rapid digitization? The answer to this question is the Cybersecurity transformation journey.

  • Strategic alignment: A security initiative has to align well with the organization’s strategic priorities. This makes the Cybersecurity initiative a business enabler rather than merely a set of “controls”. The “control” kind of view portrays Cybersecurity as a hindrance to achieving success.

  • Moving beyond Technology: Cybersecurity is often perceived as a “bunch” of techies trying to save an organization from being a victim of a hacker hiding behind a black hoodie! In reality, Cybersecurity is much more than this. Technology is just one side of the multidimensional coin. There are other sides, which are equally important. For example, an organization might have the best technology set up for securing passwords. If the organization lacks a strong policy framework that prevents administrative password sharing amongst the admin users, then even the best technology setup can’t save that organization from being vulnerable to internal threats.

  • Prioritizing investment: Securing everything to the same extent gives a false sense of security. The most critical assets need the highest level of security, hence the investment focus needs to be these assets. For example, an IT system that is used to store customer transactions is of higher priority than an IT system needed for conference room booking.

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