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Zero Trust

There is too much talk about Zero Trust especially post COVID-19 pandemic. There are several questions such as

  • What is Zero Trust?

  • “Zero Trust” isn’t new; it is more than 10 years old. Why so much discussion on this topic?

  • Is this a tool or concept?

Zero Trust is a concept; it is neither a product nor a tool nor a solution. This was conceptualized in 2009 by Forrester alum John Kindervag. The Concept of Zero Trust is that don’t trust anyone irrespective of whether the user is behind the office firewall or somewhere else. Although I would love to have a one-stop solution to this problem, there isn’t any. Like any other security implementation, we need to take step by step approach starting from strategy to implementation in adopting zero trust.

Please watch my video article for detailed coverage:

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